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Polonia has been frozen in the Museum
Part of the project: "The Bards` Parade"
here: documentation from the exhibition
and here a few more photos

The effect of 44 hours of search in the Adam Mickiewicz Museum in Śmiełów. (films, installations, sculptures, painting Styki and many other attractions by Łódź Kaliska). The exhibition is open from the 14th of May till the 30th of June, 2011.

NIGHT OF THE MUSEUMS 14-15.05.2011
"Mutual inspirations: painting inspired by photography, photography inspired by painting." Presentation of two artworks by Łódź Kaliska, only just purchased by the museum, and a screening of films from 2002-2004, the period of propagating NEW POP. Silesian Museum, Gallery of Polish painting after 1945, 2nd floor, Katowice, al. W. Korfantego 3, from 6 p.m till 2 a.m.

Łódź Kaliska in Poznań
In Plac Wolności in Poznań you can see an exhibition by Łódź Kaliska prepared especially for the European Theatrical Meetings CLOSE STRANGERS. The works exhibited have been prepared especially for the festival and are a commentary to this year`s edition`s slogan: "Heroes and Heroines". You can see the exhibition in Plac Wolności, Poznan, 6-18.04.2011.
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and here a film (watch beginning at 6minutes 15 seconds)

... as if after several decades there were still some who were afraid of exhibiting their artwork from the 1980s
"Exhibitions about the 1980s decade organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art "I could live in Africa" and by the Institute of National Remembrance in the National Museum in Krakow "The 1980s Generation" (curator: Tadeusz Boruta) both had one fault: neither featured works by Łódź Kaliska, as if after several decades there were still some who were afraid of exhibiting their artwork from the 1980s, or as if the group still provoked some angry reactions," - writes Krzysztof Jurecki.

Tinto Brass

Tinto Brass visited Łódź during the 15th Forum of European Film, Cinergia. He was fascinated by our city and especially by its beautiful women but also by the artistic activities of Łódź Kaliska. As you can see in the photos, he couldn`t take his eyes off our latest publication, LOMICJE, Sławek Fijałkowski reports.

Happy New Year

Jarek Traczyk has passed away

Jarek Traczyk, our long-time friend from Łazy, passed away on the 6th of December. We met Jarek in plein-air in Osieki in 1981. Since then we have frequently visited him. Thanks to his invaluable help, many of our works came to fruition in Łazy, especially during the advent of New-Pop. We planned many more to come

Dear Jarek...

Tarnów composition of the Łódź Kaliska artistic group
more photos

Brussels composition of the group Łódź Kaliska
photos by Andrzej Świetlik (mostly)
photos by Adam Rzepecki (mostly)

Les hommes peuvent pourrir / Mogen de mannen rotten / May men rot
On Friday, 22 October 2010, 7 pm, in Atelier 340 (Brussels, Dreve de Rivieren 340) there was an opening of the exhibition of Łódź Kaliska's "May Men Rot". At 8.30 there was a performance of the group according to the scenario of Marek Janiak and Andrzej Swietlik.
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A collective exhibition under the honorary monitoring of Adam Rzepecki.

An opening on the 22 October 2010 at 9 pm in Olympia Gallery in Cracow.
... but as Mikołaj Rej used to say "youth as hay withers"", and, as Marta Fox added five hundred years later, "old age must fart itself out". Taking these into consideration, we managed to get ourselves an honorary monitoring for this exhibition. The very Father-Pole and black pop-idol of Central and Eastern Europe Her Majesty the Queen of Poland will ensure the exhibition proceeds without any glitches.

Bananas have been delivered!
says an MA holder

Two weeks ago at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Marta Mielczarek defended her MA dissertation (under the supervision of dr Agata Jakubowska and Piotr Bernatowicz) entitled "Bananas have been delivered. The activities of the group Łódź Kaliska in 1979 - 1989".
Congratulations, and we are hoping for more.

"Portraying the Surreal: Three Generations in Polish Photography"
Roders Winehall (Cruquiusweg 67) WM Gallery, Amsterdam, has opened an exhibition entitled "Portraying the Surreal: Three Generations in Polish Photography". Grzegorz Rogala and Łódź Kaliska are taking part in the exhibition, which will run until November 7.

EVENTS Collection of 20th and 21st century art. Shifts. ms2, Ogrodowa 19, Łódź, opening 6 pm, 7 October. On Thursday, 7 October, a new opening of the exhibits of the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art will take place. In the new arrangement the entire room will be devoted to independent artists of the 1980s from (Zrzuta Culture)

The exhibition "Vesszenek a ferfiak! / May Men Rot” is open in Szent Istvan Kiraly Museum in Szekesfehervar daily from 10 am till 6 pm.

Emma and Tibor Varnagy that is the most beautiful girl in the world (not only according to Świetlik) and her Dad.

Vesszenek a ferfiak!
Dear Colleagues, Makary and Adam,
Kati Izinger, the amazing, absolutely professional head of the gallery (in the photo above), opened our first exhibition in Szekesfehervar. Katarzyna Sitko, Vice-President of the Polish Institute in Budapest, gave a long and very interesting lecture on the activities of Łódź Kaliska. Zsuzsi Ujj entertained us with another great concert at our opening (you certainly remember her performance in CSW Ujazdowski Castle in January 2009). Janiak stuffed himself with numerous goulashes and it looks like he's going to pass away soon. I cannot take my eyes off the most beautiful woman in the world, who turns out to be Tibor's daughter, Emma. Keepimg to their tradition, our Hungarian Sister (Zsuzsi Ujj) and Hungarian Brothers (Tibor Varnagy, Gyuri Durst, Yoko Ono Durst, Suto Levente Lehel) were wonderful, and gave us a truly royal welcome. This was fantastic! I have captured a few of these moments in photographs, though this is a very imperfect testimony. Sincerely yours,
Andrzej Świetlik
here are some photos by Andrzej Świetlik
and here are some photos by Tibor Varnagy
and here a video recording by Tibor

An opening of the exhibition by Łódź Kaliska "May Men Rot" will take place on Friday, 10th of October in Szekesfehervar (Hungary). We would like to thank the City Council in Łódź for their support in organizing the exhibition.
some photos

One dog
In the City Galery BWA in Bydgoszcz an exhibition "One Dog" is under way right now. An artist from Bydgoszcz, Violka Kuś, is the author of the project, Wacław Kuczma, the director of the City Galery BWA in Bydgoszcz is its curator. The exhibition was shown in Vilnius in November 2009 as part of the project "Vilnius – the European Capital of Culture 2009". Other artists who are taking part in the project include: Tomasz Dobiszewski, Mateusz Pęk, Katarzyna Zabłocka, the artistic group Łódź Kaliska, Kinga Eliasz and the sisters Anetta and Violka Kuś.

Stefan and Mayonnaise
The exhibition in the National Museum in Kielce will be open till the 19th of September 2010.
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The Eighteenth... battle which has changed the fate of the World. An exhibition to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw. The opening will take place on the 15th of August in Plac Defilad. Among others Andrzej Świetlik will take part in the exhibition.

Dr Robert Kotowski, the director of the National Museum in Kielce opened the exhibition "Stefan and Mayonnaise" on Thursday, the 12th of August 2010 in the Museum at Orla Street 3. Among many, many other guests we spotted Andrzej Borys with his wife and Sylwia Rybacka (our regards).
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Stefan and Mayonnaise
As part of the project of the National Museum in Kielce, "Żeromski for a Change", the artistic group Łódź Kaliska is going to present their newest exhibition, entitled "Stefan and Mayonnaise." The artistic group intends to promote two regional heroes: Stefan Żeromski and Kielce Mayonnaise. The "Stefan and Mayonnaise" project is a series of artistic variations which will be presented during the exhibition at the National Museum in Kielce. Its aim is to popularize the figure of Stefan Żeromski, refresh his image and promote him as a star of popular literature using the method worked out by Andy Warhol.

"Warhol created Pop Art," Sylwia Rybacka of the National Museum of Kielce explains, "a peculiar game with consumer society, by sculpting a Coca-Cola bottle or a tin of Campbell soup. Following this path, we can say the other hero of this project is Kielce Mayonnaise, the symbol of this region and an icon of commercial success."

The opening is on Thursday, 12th of August, at 8 pm., National Museum in Kielce, Orla Street 3.
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Lodz Kaliska; the early years...
Gallery WM, Elandsgracht 35, 1016 TN Amsterdam, NL
12-06-10 through 17-07-2010
Opening: Saturday June 12th 17:00-20:00
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The following information has been given on special request by our colleague Andrzej Świetlik, member of the neo-avant-garde group Łódź Kaliska:
An exhibition entitled "Patriotic Elements in the Works of Adam Rzepecki, Member of the Neo-avant-garde Group Łódź Kaliska" is now taking place in the Olympia Gallery in Kraków.
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The Atelier Foundation invites you to the third "Festiwal of Art in Foksal Street"
on Saturday, 15th of May. Among other things, the programme includes a presentation of films and a work by Łódź Kaliska entitled "Night Shop." Kamienica Artystyczna, Foksal Street 11, Warszawa.

Our Creative, Beautiful, Lovely, Wonderful, Unforgettable Muses
came to the opening of the exhibition by Anka Leśniak in the Łódź Atlas Sztuki. During the event we showered them with rose petals and gold in a cumbersome and humble attempt to thank them for their years of presence by our sides.
What about Anka's film? Well_what about it? Come and see for yourselves!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I have the great pleasure of inviting you to the opening of yet another exhibition in Atlas Sztuki. In fewer than 20 hours, tomorrow, on Friday 23rd of April, 2010 at 7 p.m., we will be showing a new film by Anka Leśniak entitled "The Muses of Łódź Kaliska." The artist interviews eight women who in various periods have been the Muses of the artistic group Łódź Kaliska. In an engrossing way the Muses talk about their cooperation with Łódź Kaliska, and, since the said cooperation has been unconventional, and since all the Muses are not only very intelligent and well-educated but also creative and open-minded women, the result is out of the ordinary. In my opinion Anka Leśniak's film is an important contribution to the discussion about feminism and about the role of women in contemporary art. All the Muses, not only those who appeared in Anka Leśniak's film, will take part in the opening, which will also feature the artists from the Łódź Kaliska group. Anka Leśniak, the Muses and members of Łódź Kaliska have prepared unusual attractions for tomorrow's opening. The film will be screened in a specially prepared arrangement. A catalogue written especially for this exhibition has been published in the April edition of a monthly devoted to art, Art&Business. From this new catalogue I strongly recommend texts about the project by Professor Maria Poprzęcka, Ewa Gorządek, Karolina Jabłońska and an interview with the artist by Adam Mazur. Anka Leśniak's film is on a DVD included in the catalogue. Visit our gallery tomorrow, come to Atlas Sztuki and see for yourself whether Professor Poprzęcka's thesis that "perhaps, quite simply, Łódź Kaliska is a woman" is a subversive provocation or holds true.
Sincerely yours,
Jacek Michalak

It's April already, but still,
it is worth informing the Honourable Society that Andrzej Świetlik is the co-author of a calendar for Magda Prokopiwicz's cancer-fighting Foundation Rak'n'Roll (Cancer'n'Crack).
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Malgorzata Butterwick
How shocking! Look at that woman!

Beneath her dress she´s stark naked!
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Sylwia Czubała
How to Kill Art Manual by Łódź Kaliska
- i.e. spreading the Kielecki Mayonnaise on Warhol's serigraphies. (A few remarks in a kind of a paratext) read more

photo: Tibor Várnagy & István Halas

During the closing stages of the exhibition "Banana Republic. Expression of the 80-ties" Adam Rzepecki presented in MODEM Debrecen performance "Magyar nyelvlecke/ Hungarian Lesson"
Click here for more: (Camera: Tibor Varnagy, thanks!)

On Jan 25th at 7 pm in the Łódź Kaliska pub in Kraków we will watch the film " Burning Man" (pirated) about Łódź Kaliska`s stay in the Nevada Desert, made by the Emmy Award laureate Slawomir Grünberg.

The Eros in the art of Lodz Kaliska group
The BWA Gallery in Bielsko Biała invites you to a lecture by Jola Ciesielska on Thursday, Jan 21st at 7 pm. There will be a screening of more films not featured in the exhibition after the lecture.

We are extending the celebrations of our 30th anniversary!!!
On behalf of the BWA Gallery in Bielsko-Biała Agata Smalcerz invites you to the opening of the exhibition "30 years of Łódź Kaliska" on Friday, January 8, 2010 at 7 pm.
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photos from the exhibition
photos from the exhibition (but other)

Happy New Year